Clone golf club equipment, discount golf club componets, and custom golf club sets

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Clone golf club components, discount golf club equipment, and custom golf club sets.

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Looking for these terms: Clone golf club components, discount golf club sets, and custom golf club equipment? Why buy when you can build your own for a fraction of the cost. If you are interested in new custom golf clubs, a new career, or just want a hobby, then you are at the right place. Why buy clone golf clubs, when you can make your own discount golf club set? Did you know that you can build better custom golf clubs than you can buy? Consider this, every golf pro has their golf club equipment custom made. If you are going to buy golf clubs, you are wasting your money; unless they are discount golf clubs. With my help you can build your own discount golf clubs, that cater to every characteristic of your golf swing. If you have ever had custom built golf clubs, then you would know that no other golf club comes close! The golf clubs that you can build, will change your golf game forever.

What exactly is building discount golf clubs (golf club making)?

Building custom golf clubs are just as the name implies, "building". In this process we do not actually make golf clubs. This is because, the individual golf club components are ordered from manufacturers, for pennies on the dollar. The technology, heat, and materials employed in golf clubs today, are way beyond the capabilities of individuals like ourselves. People who assemble custom golf club components, are called, "Custom Builders." I am a custom builder. With a little help from this website, and parts from a site like Value Golf Components, you can build your own golf club set. We will use both terms on this website, "Build Golf Clubs, and "Make Golf Clubs"; Since most non-professional's refer to custom building as custom making.

You mention clone golf club components. Can I build name brand golf club sets?

As a custom golf club builder, you have several options for which Brands you want to use. You can buy name brand components, you can buy clone golf club components, or you can use both in your golf club set. What you need to know is that you have thousands of options at your disposal.

The largest name brand companies do assemble their clubs in the factory. Therefore, only the factory originally builds these clubs. You can purchase the best name brand golf shafts, golf grips, and parts. However, the heads of the largest companies cannot be purchased individually. You can build if you already have the components.

There are many name brand manufacturers, where you can purchase the heads. Just not the largest names in golf. Many of these are made on the same exact machines, as the largest name brand manufacturers.

Why do you use the term discount golf clubs?

Because you are ordering the same components for pennies on the dollar. I will refer to the golf club components as discount golf clubs. Make no mistake these are the same clubs you can buy at your local golf shop, but for a fraction of the cost. You can build clone golf clubs or many brand name golf clubs for a big discounted rate! Many of the clubs you see at your local golf shop for $200 per driver, you can build for $50 - $80. Golf equipment you see for $100 you can build for around $30 dollars or even less. You will pay discounted golf club prices, but get name brand custom golf clubs.

How much does it cost, to build discount golf equipment?

You might be surprised how much it cost to build custom golf clubs. You can build golf clubs for as little as $15 per wood or driver, or $10 per iron. Of course, the really nice woods will cost you a little more. Please note: The golf equipment you can buy is state-of-the-art. Just because the golf club components cost little money, does not mean that you are not getting top quality. You are just buying direct from the manufacturers. You do not even have to buy in bulk. Buy what you want, when you need it. This is the whole reason you would build golf clubs, rather than purchase them.

What can you expect, if you decide to build discount golf clubs?

First, you can expect the process of building golf clubs to be fun. When you order your first component, you will see the quality you can get. Assembly is fairly easy and quick. Now you have a golf club for very low cost. As a club builder you could make a custom golf club and give them as gifts. Second, you can become an expert custom golf club builder. I have over 10 years experience building golf clubs. I will teach you every aspect of custom building golf clubs. Even tricks that took me over 5 years to achieve. Third, you will lower your golf score. You will also experience a major increased in your golf club distance. Last, you will make $50 - $100 an hour, if you want to do this as a hobby or business. This is the amount of money, custom golf club builders make.

If you like to golf, want to make excellent money, you want to save money on new golf clubs, or you want a new hobby; Then custom building golf clubs has a solution for you. Some people start out in this business just to build their own set of clubs, and others just want a hobby. If you decide to build yourself a set of golf clubs, you will see how easy and fun it is. When people find out, that you can build custom golf club components, they will want you to build their custom golf clubs! And when you see the income potential this business offers, you will want to become a custom golf club builder for a living.

How to Build Custom Golf Clubs


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