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Mac or Linux User Instructions

You may get a version of my book for your Mac or Linux computer but, you must be able to use Microsoft Windows an Internet Explorer in order to do so.

Here is a page from the Apple website that explains:

Text from Apple website:
"But if you need to use a particular Windows-only application, you have a few options: Boot Camp comes with every new Mac, and it lets you run Windows natively as if your Mac were a PC. If you want to run OS X and Windows side by side, you can purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion. Install one of these applications, along with the Windows Installation CDs, and you can run the occasional Windows program right next to your Mac applications, without having to restart."

Another words, your Mac already has the ability to run Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer built in.

According to the Apple website you can run Boot Camp for free, or you can purchase a one of the program recommended to run Windows side by side (There are many more programs for this as well). You may be hesitant to run Windows on your Mac but consider this: There are hundreds of thousands of programs that are only written for Windows. Since Mac users still account for less than 5% of the PC's on the market, many software developers are in no hurry to write software for Mac.

I know that PDF files will run on a Mac. However there is no way to secure a PDF at this time to keep my work from being stolen. Last, a PDF file is hard to ready and personally I don't like them. My software to run the book has many features and easy to use and find text (unlike a PDF). For you my eBook it's much easier to read and navigate and it's just a better book than a PDF.

If you decide to run Windows on your Mac, then my book will be compatible with your Mac. To do so run Windows and Internet Explorer on your Mac. Then:

Download the Book Here

The payment screen and instructions are inside of the book, there is no charge to download.

You will be glad you went through these steps. The book is as great as promised and your Mac will be compatible with many more programs!


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