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Why buy golf clubs, when you can build them for a fraction of the cost? Learn to build your own golf clubs from home. Do this as a hobby or living, and you will make $ 50 - $ 100 an hour. It's easy!

The #1 leader in club building E-Books worldwide!

Last Look Update: This Summer!

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"This is an excellent manual that contains all you need to know about starting a lucrative business making and selling golf clubs. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in this field as superb value for money".

Sean Moran, United Kingdom


"I received your book and want to congratulate: very simple, very complete, very useful. After one month, following the advices contained in your book, I made six irons sets, ten drivers and four fw sets for some friend of mines: Everybody is happy of my work. And every day new guys are calling me for ďmeasuringĒ them."

Sergio Barbasio, Italy


Did you know that you can build golf clubs, that are superior to your local golf shop?. We teach you how and it is easy! You cannot buy cheaper golf clubs anywhere. Cut out the middle man, and buy direct from the manufacturer. Build your own personal golf clubs, build for a hobby, or build golf clubs as a business opportunity. If you build for other people you will make $ 50 - $ 100 an hour. This is a real business, and not some phony claim. This is the only website, that teaches how to do this!

Give me 10 minutes of your time, and I will teach you a business that will change your life! You have just stumbled upon the best-kept secret in the golfing industry!

Want a job where you can work and play here? If so, read below.

Dear Friend

If you do not like golf, then this is the wrong business for you! However, if you do like golf and are interested in a career change, a new hobby, saving money on your golf clubs, making great money, being your own boss, worried about losing your job, or you just want a lifestyle change, then you are at the right place.

It is estimated that 52% of Americans are looking for a new career. These are millions and millions of people looking for a new career of job, this year or next year alone! Are you one of these people? This number is very alarming. The competition is fierce for a job right now. Don't put your future in the hands of this alarming statistic. Read on!

My name is Patrick Emmerick. I have many years experience custom building golf clubs (over 13 years). What I am offering is a course on custom golf club building. If you want to learn how to build custom golf clubs, there is very little correct information available. What you would have to do if you want to learn how to build golf clubs, is go to custom building school. This school cost $300 - $500. All that this course teaches you is how to custom fit the golfer, and how to build the golf clubs. Only school and experience would teach you what I have to offer. Here is the # 1 Clubbuilding School. It costs between $300 - $500.

Note:  Quote on the school website above: "*It is recommended that each student have attended a Golfworks Fitting, Assembly and Repair school, or another qualified course approved by the Golfworks training staff." Of course Golfworks is recommending their programs, because they are the ones profiting. They also recommend you only use their components (which by the way, I don't think are that great and overpriced). I just wanted point out the irony.

Remember, this is only for the school! Factor in another $300 for a 3 day hotel, $250 for rental car, $400 - $500 for airplane ticket, $150 - $300 for food, and another $250 - $400 for spending. This school will cost you $1650 - $2250 minimum, just to learn how to build! Then you would have to figure out your pricing strategy, how to custom fit the golfer, how to sell your clubs, how to build a monster driver, etc. This school only teaches you the basics to get started. Even the masters programs only teach you how to build like a master. You still have to figure out all the other aspects of the business. My book includes all this information for you! If you do not buy my book, you will waste a lot of time figuring out these extra aspects I have included. In fact, this slowed down my business for over 2 years.

My experience is not available on the web, in golfing catalogs, or even the schools you would attend. The information is very hard to obtain and took many years of experience and resources for me to put together. Why? People in the golfing business do not want other people to learn their business! After all, why would they want to teach their competition? Go down to your local golf shop and ask questions about custom building golf clubs and they will shun you! The problem with this idea is that there is so much business to go around; I hardly even noticed that there were other builders in town! And since, I am now in the teaching business, you would not compete with me until you had years of experience under your belt. This business is red hot. There is money for you, me, and all your friends to make a very comfortable living!

Building yourself online is no different than you going to your local golf shop to have them built. Build yourself and you will get the bottom cost on your clubs, because you will be ordering directly from the manufacturers. And you will make the large profit from building golf clubs not them!

You can search the web for a month, and you will never find enough information to build a golf club appropriately for free! The information is just not available, and what is available is very basic! Your options are to go to school, or buy a book that teaches you how to build golf clubs.


"I finished reading the book a few days ago, and I must say that it was filled with great , easy to understand info on how to build clubs. I ordered my first set of supplies so that I can try it out for myself! I must say I am very excited about this opportunity and cant wait to get started! I will keep you posted on my endeavors, and anything you would like to use as a testimonial would be fine with me! So, once I have my feet wet in the business you will be sure to hear from me!"

Thanks Again!
-Kevin Zaras

"I am reading the book again, and again, and again, every time I do, I learn something new. You explain things very clearly, and even for a rookie golfer like me (I've only played three times), it is very easy to understand. The golf bug has gotten its hooks into me, and I think I will take your advice and build myself a set of clubs first before I attempt to tell anybody that I am an expert!! Thanks for the book".

Arnie Olson


Everywhere you look, there is a new business opportunity. Why should you be interested in this business opportunity?

  • This is a real business.
  • Anyone can build golf clubs.
  • There is more demand in your town than you can ever fulfill.
  • This business is so much fun! No sitting in front of the computer. You work on the golf course, driving range, and out of your home!
  • If you like golf, then this is the dream job. Who doesn't want to make a very comfortable living doing what they love. Isn't this what everyone wants? You can work the job of your dreams, and make the money of your dreams!
  • The building process is not labor intensive. In fact, assembly of the clubs is very easy. Although custom building golf clubs is classified as a blue collar job, it will seem like a white collar job.
  • Your custom building business does not depend on other people. You will see that business will flock to you. To much to keep up with.
  • You are in complete control of every decision. Want a day off? No problem! Want to change prices? No problem. Want to employ other builders? No problem!
  • Did I mention money? $50 - $100 an hour! How's that for a dream job!

As a custom builder, what exactly would you be doing?

In a nutshell, you will assemble components that you order from manufacturing facilities for pennies on the dollar. Although this is called, "Custom Building" you will not actually be building the clubs from scratch. The heat, technology, and manufacturing process employed in the golfing components, is way beyond the capability of individuals like us.

In order to build a set of golf clubs that fit the golfer like a glove, you have to know each and every little aspect of a club. You have to custom fit the golfer, order specific components, make adjustments, trim shafts, and assemble the golf clubs. You can read my book in a day or so, but it will take you time to digest. My book is very thorough, and easy to understand. You will have all resources right in front of you. All you have to do is read and learn!

This is what you will learn with my book:

  • How to custom build golf clubs
  • Where to order your components (We only list the most trusted sources!)
  • How to custom fit the golfer
  • How to build a driver that will get monster distance
  • Driving range strategies
  • Advantages over all your competition
  • How to sell your business
  • What to do, and what not to do
  • What equipment is needed and where to buy it
  • Component Matching
  • Strategies for building a successful business
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Basic Building Tips and Tricks
  • Advanced Building Tips and Tricks
  • Trimming charts and instructions
  • Re-Gripping and Re-Shafting (Golf Club Repair)

build golf clubs, custom golf clubs, golf club components, clone golf clubs book

This 90 + page book is complete from A to Z. You will learn every aspect of custom building golf clubs. You will not find this many aspects in any course, anywhere! Even if you were to go to school and take as many courses as you could possibly take, you would only learn perhaps half of what I have to offer! Not to mention the hefty price tag!

This is the most extensive book, you will ever see on this subject! Nobody even comes close! In fact, I have not even found one proper trimming chart on the net (Besides, you actually need 3 different charts to cut a shaft. You need a standard length chart, and alteration from standard length chart, and you need the manufacturers trimming instructions. I supply all these charts in my book).

You would not believe how cheap you can purchase components for!
Shafts: $4 - $25
Heads: $8 - $120
Grips: $1.50 - $3.00
You will be getting wholesale pricing on all your clubs. You can build a beautiful state of the art driver for $50! You could easily sell this for $100 - $150. That is for 1 club only, add the 3 and 5 wood, and you can see what kind of money you can make!

What can you expect if you learn to custom build golf clubs?

  1. You will earn over $ 50 an hour-This will be the least amount that you will make! Many times you will make $ 75 an hour or even $ 100 an hour! Of course this is your business, and you are in control of your pricing strategy. Just read what I have outlined for you, and you will make the same! It really is that easy! Sound too good to be true? Most who do not build golf clubs would think so. Let everyone think that you do not make good money, and this is an advantage for you! This is why custom building is the best kept secret in the golfing industry!
  2. You will own your own business-You will not work for me or anyone else. You are in complete control over all aspects of business. No one to answer to but yourself. No boss to tell you what to do or when to do it. You will never be fired, and your job will not be shipped overseas.
  3. Work from home-This is one of the best parts of the business. You will work out of your home if you want, or out of the garage, or open a place of business. It is up to you! Of course, you will also work at the driving range and golf course if you want.
  4.  Full or part time- Since you are the boss you can work full-time, part-time, weekends or not! It is up to you. When you do work, you will make at least $ 50 an hour! And this my friend will make you want to work all the time!
  5. The ideal business- What is the ideal business? That would be doing what you love, and making huge money! Isn't that what everybody wants. I am assuming that you like to golf if you have gotten this far. If this is true, what could be more rewarding than working from home and on the golf course! All this, while you are making over $ 50 an hour!
  6. Prestige- What could be more rewarding than making over $ 50 an hour and loving what you do? Not much, but prestige may be third best. What do I mean prestige? When people find out you are a golf club builder, they will come to you! Believe me when I say, that word of mouth in this business is unbelievable! Once you start building: Doctors, Lawyers, Congressman, Judges, and very wealthy people will start asking you, what you can build for them. Even better than this, is that they will show your great respect!!
  7. No money needed to invest in this business- Can you tell me how many businesses you can start up with little or no investment? There are not very many! I teach you how to reinvest your profits and build your inventory right from the beginning. Within a couple of months you can have a garage full of inventory without you putting up a dime! You won't even have to pay for your first order because I teach you how to get the money for everything right off the bat! Make the growth of your business support your business. Your only investment is the cost of this book and that is all!!
  8. Building golf clubs is very easy- Assembling of the golf clubs is very easy with my book! Try and do it yourself and you will make very costly mistakes. I let several of my friends test my book, and every one of them agreed that I should charge more. Everyone also agreed, that they could build golf clubs with my book and be very confident. And many of them have never even golfed before and/or were women!
  9. Healthy attitude and lifestyle- Working in this type of environment will change you whole life! Sunshine, Money, Golf= Good health! Think about this for a moment. How would your life be different if you worked outside and made a boatload of money! The stress taken off your back will make you feel like your 16 again! Not a care in the world. I can tell you from personal experience that your whole life will change!
  10. Recession Proof?- When the economy plummeted everyone was concerned about their business. Mine was still full throttle! My business never slowed down ever! I do not know why, but people were still buying my clubs at full speed. Can you tell me one industry that can claim this? I cannot think of one, even the restaurants slowed down. This will be the most secure business you will ever own! In fact, it will be the last business you may ever own!
  11. City or Country- Do you live in the City, Suburbs or the Country? It does not matter! Just ask around and see who golf's. You will see that no matter where you live, you are in high demand
  12. Professionalism-When you read my book, you will become a professional at building golf clubs. Nobody will know, what you will about golf clubs. And they will respect you for this. This will make you feel really important.
  13. Significant improvement of golf score- Once you build your ideal driver and golf club set, your scores will lower by at least 10 strokes. Maybe even 20. I knocked 10 strokes off my game just with my monster driver. Every pro has their clubs custom built, and so should every golfer.

Let me ask you a question? If you wanted to learn a trade like electrician, heating and cooling, or paralegal, what would you have to do? You would probably go to a technical school, and pay around $ 5,000. From there, you would then work in the industry for a couple of years, and then open your own business, if you really wanted to make good money. With this program, you get a running start. Skip the extra money, skip the extra time, and do not underestimate what you will be learning. From day one, you will be in business for yourself. You will learn a technical skill, which will make you a skilled craftsman. And within a week of reading my course, you can be making $ 50 and hour or even more! Just because my course is inexpensive does not mean that the information provided is not technical. In fact, the course is very technical and detailed. Do you like your current job or business? No problem, if you were to just build your own set of clubs, you would save yourself from $ 150-$ 500. My course cost 1/5 of the minimum you would save for your own set of clubs! Do this as a hobby, personal, or business venture. Any path you choose, this course will pay for itself over and over! I will tell you that many people do start this as a hobby, but it can quickly become a business! Even if you were to do this part time for fun, and make $ 50 an hour, who wouldn't want to expand even a little bit. This is great retirement money!

My program is only $ 49.95

If you are like me, you are wondering what is the catch? There is always a catch. What am I hiding? There has to be a problem with making $ 50 an hour. There is nothing hidden, and there is no catch! Even the business comes to you. If you are a person who is not self motivated, you do not even have to worry. Because, once you get your components catalogs and see what you can order and for what price, this motivates you automatically. By this time, people start asking you to build their golf clubs. And this is not even manual labor. You work outdoors or in the home. You will make approximately $ 450 for every set you build! If you think you will not build at least one set a week, you are crazy!! And this is only the first month without any advertising. Once people find out about you, you may be building 5-20 sets a week. You can make over $ 1000 each day and not even work half of it! And it is fun!

If you are unhappy working a regular job and making less than $ 50 an hour, you need to try my program. Remember, many times you will make $ 75 or $ 100 an hour. Do you work outdoors and at home? Do you have a boss to answer to? Are you worried about losing you job? Have to work two jobs just to make end meet? Break the cycle! Even if you ordered this program to build your own set of clubs, you would pay for this program 5 times over! Why not give it a try? You will see that you can build better golf clubs than your local golf shop. I promise once you built yourself a set, you will see how easy it is, and how much money you can make. Like I said, "You do not need to go full throttle with this program, you can do it in your spare time." And once people find out that you are building, they will come to you! Can you name a business in the world where the business automatically comes to you? How much better can a home based business be? You can give this a shot and work your same job to try it out! That's the beauty of this business. You do not quit your job until this business takes over. I proved above that it cost $ 300 - $ 500 minimum to go to club building school. And you know that my course only cost $ 49.95. What do you have to lose? Nothing!

If you order right now, you will receive every one of the FREE Gifts:

FREE Golf Gift #1

Free subscriptions to multiple Golf Magazines!

FREE Golf Gift #2

Free Custom Built Wedge or Hybrid Club! Yeah, you heard me right, all you need to pay for is the shipping!

FREE Golf Gifts #3

Free Golf Games: There are more here than you will ever have time to play!

FREE Golf Gifts #4

5 Free Golf Handicap trackers!

FREE Golf Gifts #5

Free Expert Golf Videos: (Written by Professionals) There is a huge library of professional golf videos by PGA professionals only! More than you likely can handle.

FREE Golf Gift #6

Free Golf Scorecard Apps for your Mobile Phone!

FREE Golf Gift #7

The best Free Golf Coupons available! Save on greens fees, group rates and more.

FREE Golf Gift #8

6 Free Golf Ebooks.

  1. Side Saddle Putting - The simplest, easiest, and most accurate USGA legal putting technique.

  2. Golf Lessons - Golf Lessons and tips.

  3. Golf Tips - 50 Tips that will improve your game.

  4. Life to Score - How to lose several scores off your game quickly and easily.

  5. Golf Tips v1 - Reading Greens.

  6. Golf Tips V2 - Putting Tips.

FREE Golf Gift #9

Free Personalized Online Greeting Cards!

FREE Golf Gift #10

Free Golf Screensavers and Wallpaper for your Computer!

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Free Golf Classifieds!

FREE Golf Gift #12

Free Golf Software!

FREE Golf Gift #13

Free Mutiple Pairs of Sunglasses!

How's that for FREE! Keep Reading!


"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have already built a club, and it was a lot easier with your book. I didn't have the slightest clue how to start. I started off building a putter for myself, just to see how difficult it was. I just followed your instructions (even though it wasn't for a putter, still worked the same) and it took me less than an hour. This is amazing because I have never even seen a club that wasn't already put together, besides the ones that I have broke. I saw a similar putter in a catalog for $100 and I put mine together for $25. So this book is already paid off. I just wanted to write and say thanks"

 Randall Busbea II, Harrisonville, Mo


"Four years ago I started building my own clubs and experimenting around with different sets and shafts (trial and error), eventually I drifted towards putters and being a cabinet maker by trade I slowly developed an exotic wood putter. Finally after a couple of years of designing and testing these putters the evolution is ready for market. Iíve only sold maybe a couple hundred or so putters, but am having good reviews by everyone who has bought them. My niche for these putters besides the beauty of the wood is the personalization possibilities, most of my customers are business owners who have me inlay into the acrylic strike-plate their company logos (most orders are gifts for their clients). The future seems bright for my product. When I saw that my wife had found a web site that offered what yours offers I was a bit disgruntled that I had purchased all those books from Golfworks (I hate having to purchase anything from them). I have searched the internet for years trying to find instruction on building clubs and no one has said it better than you... "theyíre just not out there". Iíve looked high and low for suppliers where I could buy my components for my putters. Well the book downloaded and opened just fine and Iíve already read most of the book, I browsed the rest of it a bit just to get a feel for it. It is much easier to understand than the Maltby books Iíve purchased. Once Iíd seen your product and read through what you had to offer I could see that there were two areas that I needed desperately, one is how to build up my company, and the other would be the manufacturers lists. The manufacturers lists are worth their weight in gold, I know because Iíve been there."

Bart Nordstrom, Tree Line Putters


"True to his word Patrick has helped me anytime I thought I needed it--and to my knowledge he never laughed once. I was reluctant to try this but I have learned more about a golf club than I ever thought there was to know...that in and of itself was worth the money---thanks Patrick - I truly do appreciate you."

Les Peterson, New England USA


"Thanks for this book it has really changed my life for the better."

Aaron Krout, USA


Extra Bonuses (My competition would never offer these bonuses!):

1. Free Updates for Life! Order now, and I will give you FREE Updated versions for life! Did you know the club building industry changes almost every single year? This is because new equipment is designed on a yearly basis. In the past several years, my book has changed numerous times. The information you are reading on the web may be outdated. Order a book from my competition and next year, you will have an old book. Order from me, and you will always have the most current building techniques.

2. Free E-mail Support for Life! Order now, and I will answer all e-mail questions you send to me for life! Don't underestimate this support it is extremely valuable. You will never get this from my competition (If you can even find their e-mail address!).

3. Printable E-book! As a club builder and teacher I know how important it is for you to be able to print (It is very inconvenient to have to view your computer while you are building). You can print the whole book and put it in a spiral notebook, or you can just print the extra charts and instructions. I put them together in one chapter just for you. Do you want to go to your computer and look up building charts? No, you don't. You can have my charts right by your side while building!

4. Best Delivery Method (Reasons):

  • I mentioned earlier that the book changes almost every single year, and sometimes drastically. By  having a printable e-book versus a real book, you can always have an upgraded version for free. This is not possible with a standard book, as the delivery costs make this impossible.

  • An e-book is much better than a DVD! If a DVD was a better delivery method, don't you think I would have one? You need to be able to have charts while you are building. When you are putting on the grips you need to be in a well ventilated area preferably outside! Having a DVD is a bad delivery method. If you want to look at charts, you have to stop, backup, rewind, and forward constantly looking for the information. Building charts and certain information is very detailed, and you need to have them by your side for reference often!

  • Club building software: Like the DVD do you need club building software? No! Building golf clubs is easy and methodical. Software might sound nice, but it is not practical. First you don't need it, and second do you want to always have to refer to your computer while you are building? Furthermore, I teach you how to make decisions. You don't want software making them for you, or you will not be as knowledgeable! Club building software is a gimmick!

5. First Class E-book Reader! My E-book program is first class. Not a PDF like most of my competition. For those of you who don't know what PDF is, it is a program that opens and reads downward from one huge page (although they claim there are multiple pages). PDF's are very hard to read, I personally can't stand them. My e-book program is very easy to read (like a regular book). It opens from page to page, and chapter to chapter. When you close the book it automatically opens to the page where you left off. If has easy navigational features, highlight, and many more options. Reading out of my e-book will be fun, not a chore like a PDF!

6. You will get the power of communication: I have been selling books online for at least 2 years before my first competitor came around. That's why I have sold more club building e-books than anyone. In fact add up all of my competition, and I have sold more books than all of them combined! What does this do for you? Since I actually talk with my builders, have comments posting throughout the book, I get constant feedback, as to how to make the book better. I get feedback as to which components suppliers have bad customer service, which ones actually rip people off, what is confusing to the builder, etc. Since I get so much feedback, my book is updated to give you exactly what you want. With thousands of worldwide builders providing feedback constantly, my book is better than any of my competitions ever will be. I listen to the feedback and adjust the book according to many, many comments and e-mails. It is a form of open source collaboration!


You need some form of training to build golf clubs. It just can't be done for free online. If you try, you will make valuable mistakes which will cost you money (I know it happened to me, and according to much feedback, it happens to a lot of people, even engineers!). Yes my book cost: $ 49.95 currently, but buying my book will save you time and money. It will put you on the fast track to making a very nice income. This book is a source of open collaboration and feedback that is unparalleled in the industry, from thousands of builders.

My competition (if you can call it that), just does not have the resources and time that I have evolved this book into (with the help of many people). I offer the best delivery method, have awesome free customer service for life, give free lifetime upgrades, give awesome free gifts, and just have the best club building book out there! The statement about club building book is not mine, it get it on a daily basis! The testimonials you have read on this page, are a fraction of the testimonials that I have. Never a complaint, but lots and lots of praise.

You make the decision, but my e-book is over 5 years of constant brainstorming, and collaboration of many people. I have also sold way more books than my competition. This is the proof, that I have the best club building e-book period. And the most valuable resource of all comes with my book: My free lifetime e-mail support! This is an extremely valuable resource at your disposal.

Do not delay, because this offer will not be this low for long. This sooner you get started, the sooner you will reap the rewards. Order my course today, and it will be the best $ 49.95 you ever spent. Now is the time to change your life! What are you waiting for?

Thank you for your time and interest,


** The download below is free, but it does cost to unlock most of the book. Please download for free, and open the book. You will find a letter, just like the one you are reading now, inside of the book.

Download the Book Here

** There is no charge to download the book. Instructions to open come in the book.

Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and 10 plus Internet Explorer 4 or later. You must meet these requirements to download the book.

Mac Users: Please read to find out how you can get a book for your computer!

Download Now to claim your free gifts! You can have this book in 5 minutes!

build golf clubs, custom golf clubs, golf club components, clone golf clubs book

**Please note that this is the most secure payment option. Paypal is the leader in Credit Card Security.

  • The bonuses are subject to change at any time. As long as you purchase while they are showing on this site, I will honor your bonuses. However, I do not guarantee that they will be here 10 minutes from now!
  • Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and 10 plus Internet Explorer 4 or later. You cannot use this Book, if you do not meet the requirements listed above. Mac users go here to get a copy.
  • All e-checks will be held until they clear. This includes the Paypal e-checks. The estimated clearing date is usually 4 business days. You will be able to download the book, right after you pay with your e-check, but the password will not be mailed until the check clears.
  • This book is an immediate download (not a physical book). You will need a password to access the book once downloaded. The book will give you instructions, on how to get your password.
  • Only 1 book is issued at the $49.95 price (This prevents multiple copies of my book on your friends computers). Just like a book store, you only get 1 book for this purchase price. If you have questions about this, then just e-mail me. If you sign up for the newsletter inside of the book, I will send you free updates for life!
  • All sales are final.
  • I do accept Paypal, check or money order shipped to my address (see contact information, and e-mail me first).
  • Upon payment clearance I guarantee, that your product will be delivered.

P.S. Having a 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day; "Iron Clad" No-Risk, money back guarantee right here, like my competition is a load of crap. The only reason why they offer this guarantee is because most people never use it. The only reason why I don't offer this guarantee, is because my book is very valuable. I don't want scammers to have a free copy of my book. It will be as promised above, and I will make sure that it is delivered to you! That is my guarantee!

Download Now to claim your free gifts! You can have this book in 5 minutes!


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