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Why Custom Golf Clubs?

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Every pro golfer has their clubs custom made. Do they know something you don't? If you are buying your clubs off-the-shelf, you are making a major mistake. Off-the-shelf golf clubs are made for the majority of the population. Put three people side by side and measure height, look at their swing, check their swing-speed, and calculate the differences each person is to each other (strictly speaking of the golf swing, and golfers strengths); and you will see major differences. There are so many factors that are different between these 3 golfers, it can be enough to make your head spin. How can one golf club work perfectly for all 3 golfers? It can't and it doesn't.

Now if you get your clubs custom built, the custom builder will check your wrist-to-floor measurement, swing-speed, loft angle, lie measurement, height, age, sex, and your glove size. This is the basic formula. A good custom fitter will watch you hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, and see your weaknesses. They will also ask you about 20 other questions. When they make golf clubs for you, you will see a huge difference. But if you are in the market for a new set, and don't want to custom build your own, then go to your local golf shop or an online website for custom golf clubs and have them custom built. These custom golf clubs will fit you like a glove.

You see, if you buy off-the-shelf clubs, you are conforming to the golf club. However, if the clubs are custom built just for you, the golf club conforms to you. As a golfer, you know how bad a change in your swing can mess up your game. This is why you should not conform to the golf club. I don't care if you have the most uncharacteristic swing, a custom builder can build a golf club that you will feel very comfortable with.

Before I got interested in making golf clubs, I bought off-the-shelf golf clubs. Including two different sets of the best name brands you could buy (I will not disclose the name brands). I shot awful with the first name brand, and so-so with the second name brand. When it was time to upgrade my golf clubs, a custom builder suggested that he build me a set of irons. I became a firm believer immediately, in the power and accuracy of custom building! If you have ever had someone custom make golf clubs for you, then you know what I am talking about.

Reasons for Having Your Golf Clubs Custom Made:

  • Major increase in accuracy.
  • Half to one-sixth the cost of buying a top of the line club (Which you can also have custom built).
  • Major increase in distance.
  • Strong confidence in your clubs.
  • A lower golf score by at least 10 strokes. I shaved 10 strokes just with my new driver alone! Hit the golf ball far and straight, and see how many strokes are shaved off your game. Read here to see how much distance you can expect to add to your drive.
  • Knowing that if you hit the ball wrong, it is completely your fault, not the golf clubs. Ever had a set you weren't comfortable with? I have. And when I mishit a shot, I couldn't tell if it was me or the golf club. This is very frustrating, as you don't want to change your swing mechanics if it is the golf club.
  • You will save alot of money! Not just with the savings of the initial set, but you will keep you golf clubs for a long, long time. You will get maximum distance, accuracy, and confidence with your new golf clubs. Why would you want to change them in so quickly. Buy a set that you do not like, and next year you will buy another. I don't care how expensive they are!

That's about it. Do you need any more reasons, that you or someone else, shouldn't be making your custom golf clubs? As you can see, I sell a book teaching how to custom build golf clubs. If you do not want to build golf clubs that's fine, I understand. But if you are in the market for a new set, and don't want to custom build your own, then go to your local golf shop and have them custom built. If the shop tries give you a club off-the-shelf and tells you it is to your specifications, do not take it (because it will only be built to 3 specifications). Make them build one for you. If they keep trying to get you to purchase one that is made up, then go to another shop (this is because they make the most money, with the littlest amount of work on these clubs). Of course, I recommend you build your own! No-one will give as much attention to detail, than you will for yourself! You can build your own golf clubs and it is easy! Custom built golf clubs are the only option!


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